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Our Maiden Cruise

Our First cruising week with guests could not have been more perfect.

A huge thank you to Brady & Stephanie for an incredible maiden voyage in the Caribbean! They could not have been better guests aboard!

Not only were they a lot of fun, but as soon as they showed up – so did the beautiful weather! Finally!!! (The week before was rainy & thunderstorms) The beginning of their trip marked the end of the rainy season; we’ve had nothing but fair winds & calm seas all week!

We picked them up in Crown bay, St. Thomas, and headed straight for Honeymoon beach for the night….Fired up the grill and got the party started right… BBQ & Rum Punch!!!

The next stop was snorkeling in Christmas Cove – St. James Island. Then shopping in Cruise bay on St John, where we of course grabbed a drink at “Woody’s” where Kenny Chesney likes to frequently visit (he sadly wasn’t there).

We also really enjoyed Maho bay… the sun rising over the palms was beautiful, we also saw a 2 – 3 foot Sea Turtle feeding, and hundreds of conch & starfish on the bottom were amazing to see in such abundance!

Watermelon bay was amazing, this was a new stop for Jeff & I, and it’s a must see! Right away we saw a small sand shark swim under our boat! Which didn’t stop us from jumping in and snorkeling… The snorkeling there was beautiful… Yellow tail snappers, Black spinney Sea Urchins, Lime green masses of coral, rainbow parrot fish, purple & green fan coral, sand divers, orange brain-like coral, and lots of tiny shy yellow fish to name a few sites while snorkeling…

But the best part of Watermelon bay was the Dolphin!!! This was the most amazing experience I’ve had yet in the Caribbean! There I was chillin’ before making dinner, listening to my audio book and looking around at the sites, then I see it, in between the two boats behind us…. A Dolphin jump out of the water! So we all watched it swimming – and getting closer and swam past our boat about 15ft away… beautiful. But then it dove down and we didn’t see it anymore, and after a good 10 mins. passed, we all got bored with watching blank water and moved on… There I was sitting on the aft deck with Jeff, chit chattin’, and I hear that tell-tale breathy water spray – RIGHT NEXT TO ME!!! I look and there is the dolphin coming out of the water a mere FOOT from the boat, if I stuck out my hand I probably could have touched it! I still get butterflies just thinking about it… Amazing!!! I think it was saying “good night and it’s been fun” because it dove down not to be seen again that night. I can only hope that we meet again.

Our next stop was Coral bay. When we pulled up there it looked like no man’s land…like an old pirate town out of a movie. Dumpy boats littered the harbor, laying abandoned on the shore & shallows. De-masted boats out at anchor that looked like they haven’t moved in the last decade. On shore didn’t look any better! The dinghy dock was like walking through a fun house at the county fair… you know the one, where you walk the moving plank/floor that tips and moves, wouldn’t want to do that after too many rum drinks! But “Skinny Legs” Bar & Grill was everythingit was cracked up to be!!! Donkeys and chickens ran through the parking lot, Old shoes were hanging to one side, Cruzan rum barrels in the yard and stickers graphitized the walls. I was especially happy to see 4 flags hanging over the bar – A Red Sox one, A Celtics Flag, A Patriots Flag and A Bruins Flag!!! Apparently the place packs out on Sundays for the game! Woo Hoo! We will definitely be frequenting there when Jeff needs his game fix!

Next to the Dolphin sighting, my all time Favorite harbor was next. “Little Lameshure Bay”. It is just the definitionof paradise! It’s all turquoise water, about 12 feet deep with a few darker patches of turquoise. It’s the perfect place for a beginner snorkeler too… it was like we were swimming inside of a fish tank! Perfectly cut rocks jutting up out of the sand! Never once did I feel claustrophobic! We saw the biggest sting ray we’ve ever seen, he was shy tho… swam off to the other side of the harbor.  As soon as we grabbed the mooring ball I looked down and saw a starfish through the crystal clear water! There are hiking trails, waterfalls, rock walls and old plantation ruins… of course you need to hike 4-6 miles through the Jungle and heat to see that stuff… Brady and Steph were the brave ones that did that. I stuck to swimming and napping =)

We ended the trip in Red Hook, at “Latitude 18” where we ordered dinner, drinks and listened to the Jason Jones Band, here’s a short teaser clip:

It was a great first week to kick off the season. There is nothing more fun than making new friends, we look forward to vacationing with you guys again, Brady & Stephanie, it was a blast… Thank You.

Here’s a link to our Facebook page of all the photos from the trip, enjoy.

Revisit, Review, Reminisce…

Hello Friends,

Today we invite you to Revisit, Review, and Reminisce about your past charters with us… whether they were in New England or the Virgin Islands, we want to hear about your past cruises with us!!!

So let’s pour a rum punch and pretend we’re sitting in the same room… We’ve had some great laughs!!! We know you loved em, here’s your chance to get future crews excited and geared up for what’s ahead of them!…..

Please leave us a “review” here under the “Comments” button, and please feel free to copy and paste it to our “reviews” tab on our Facebook page!!! We really appreciate it and so do our future cruisers who have never met us…

Gearing Up!


First Mate Kristi here. For starters, Jeff and I would really like to give a HUGE Thanks to our Friends and Family who have been giving us such incredible support and well wishes as we head off soon for the sunny south! We really appreciate all the love and support that has been given to us!!! Thank You Everybody!!!

 Jeff and I are very excited for this up coming season of charters in the USVI. We’ve been very busy getting “As You Wish” ready for her first season in the Caribbean. The renovations are looking really awesome! We have some beautiful bunk beds now in our hallway leading to the aft cabin, and fresh new blue sheets for all guest beds, new linens, new pillows and white cotton blankets! Looking good!!! Pictures soon to come!

Now this next bit of info isn’t as bad as it sounds; Due to crowded anchorages, lines and hassles at customs and the new Homeland Security regulations, we are no longer scheduling BVI charters. Not to fear tho!!! The US Islands are BEAUTIFUL and full of fabulous stops, shops, sites and snorkeling! Not only do we have St. Thomas and the Amazing St. John (which you could easily spend a week snorkeling & swimming on) but we also have St. Croix! And let’s not forget all the islands in between… a lot of which we have not explored with past crews! Such as the famous Buck Island, that has the most beautiful beach in the Virgins. So there’s lots of new sites to see and sun rays to kiss!!!

Also one of our newest additions is our 10′ Sailing Walker Bay… We’re happy to be able to now offer sailing lessons! The fun just never stops here =)

Keep an eye and ear out here on our blog for more updates, favorite recipes, funny stories, pictures and videos! I do get a little camera happy sometimes so future cruisers can expect some candid shots of them having fun to add to their albums 😉

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to answer them.

Till next time ~ My your sails be filled and the sun shining upon you…

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