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Hot Sauces ~ Spice up your life!!!

Is your local weather getting you down? Have things been a bit boring around your kitchen lately? Or perhaps your life just needs a dash of something Hott, Spicy & Flavorful!!!

We have 3 quick solutions to offer you today to add that dash of flavor & spice into your life…

One of my personal favorites is “Barons West Indian” hot sauce:

Made from yellow scotch bonnet peppers, it starts out very flavorful, slowly heats up, then cools back down leaving a great after taste! I use it for a variety of applications in the galley, such as: a sauce for eggs, or a great dip for kettle corn, and of course it goes great with all caribbean dishes!!!

Our next favorite will have you dancing like the frog on the label! It’s fruity, spicy & Flavorful… tastes fantastic on Chicken or fish dishes, or simply served on eggs…

and the last sauce I have to share with you today is not Hot or Spicy at all, but it makes a great addition to any caribbean food loving kitchen! “Pickapepper Sauce” is, well the best way for me to describe it is as a caribbean version of Worcestershire sauce, but better:

hint: it too makes a great dip for kettle corn! or throw some dashes in a bowl of rice with some carmalized onions for a quick & simple side dish!

Well those are our favorite hot sauces. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do here in the sunny Virgin Islands.

Food Allergies, Sensitivities & general dislikes – No problem!

Hello there! It’s first mate Kristi here today, reporting from the Galley =)

I thought I’d share with you some goodies that I’ve been cooking up here the past couple days. But first, let me get personal here for a minuet before i continue.

As many of you may know already I have some food sensitivities. I do not eat Dairy at all… My sinuses rebel at the first taste. Not good. So I steer clear. I also recently gave up Wheat & Gluten. I’m already feeling the positive effects of that decision! I am also getting rid of sugar in my diet, I’m only having fruit, coconut sugar, honey or stevia.

*Laughs* Now I know there are some of you at home reading this wondering: “OMG, what’s left!?!?” Yeah, Captain Jeff wondered that too, ha ha! But not to worry, oh do I eat!!! Sweet, glorious, wonderful, delicious food!!!

You may also wonder how that works when I’m cooking for guests? It’s no problem, I make what ever is on the charters menu and then make a separate dish for myself. Example: If it’s pasta/Italian night then I just make a separate bowl of brown rice pasta for myself, and serve up dinner as usual.

So what I am getting at is that I totally understand & can cater to any dietary needs that you may have.

Such as:

• Dairy/Casin free
• Wheat/gluten free
• Nut free
• vegan
• vegetarian
• soy free
• sugar free
• Etc…

It’s up to you tho to tell me ahead of time so I’m ready for you! I’ve had multiple charters not tell me that someone didn’t eat wheat & guess what: I had a boat full of bread, flour & pasta based dishes. Even something that may seem small to you, like “pickles don’t agree with you”, tell me ahead of time! Or if you don’t like spicy (I use a lot of hot stuff).

But I can’t stress that enough: tell me everything ahead of time!!!


So not to worry, I have all your dietary needs covered! I am pleased to keep you happy, healthy, satisfied & full while you throughly enjoy your vacation here in the sunny Caribbean. No problem mon!

As the Sun Rises


You’re dreaming,… you’re on a sailboat, you’re snuggled up in it’s big soft bed, rocking gently like in the arms of your mother, you hear waves gently sweeping the hull, birds are calling you from off in the distance, you’re warm but you feel a fantastic breeze coming in the windows, and you smell something sweet and spicy mixed with the scent of coffee…heaven, you must be in a dream land heaven…

Then your eyes open to realize it’s all real, you weren’t just dreaming… You’re in the Caribbean baby!

This dream-like scenario is what life is like aboard a sailboat… Captain Jeff makes a cup of coffee that would make the Mermaid on the Starbucks sign applaud!!!

and just this week I expanded our breakfast menu to feature a “German Pancake”!!! If you’ve never had one, this right here is worth the trip south!

This is a very unique breakfast item, unlike your typical pancake where you pour the batter into a puddle on a hot skillet and brown it on both sides, this one is made in the oven! It starts with a very simple liquidity batter poured into a pan, then take some sliced fruit (apples are shown in the photo below) but I was thinking to make it “Caribbean” I would use sliced Mango & serve it with a spiced rum sauce (maybe even a banana rum sauce)… we’ll see. But getting back to the recipe, it rises up fluffy, almost spongy/angel foodie. I slice it and served like cake… It’s quite pretty to look at actually…

But maybe your looking at that and thinking “hmm… not really what I want in the morning” (or maybe your just laughing your butt off at my flannel owl pajamas)…

Well I am happy to customize a breakfast menu special for you and your crew!

Maybe you’d like some “Silly Dilly Eggs” & Fresh Fruit…

In the words of Donkey from “Shrek”… “I ain’t neva’ met anybody who no like no parfait” …

Breakfast Menu Options

  • Fresh Fruit & Granola Parfait
  • German Pancakes
  • Bacon, Eggs & Toast
  • Jeff’s “Special Toast Sandwich
  • Oatmeal
  • Crepes
  • Fresh Fruit Bowls
  • “Silly Dilly Eggs”
  • Omelets

Everyone is obviously different. Such as one slice of toast can satisfy Jeff where as I need Eggs, toast and fruit to feel full. Lemme know how you like to start your day and I can combine the options above to make for a full on breakfast – or serve you a piece of toast or breakfast bar if you like starting your day light. It also depends on what is locally available. Just contact me ahead of time and I’ll have the galley properly stocked for you and your crew.

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