What should I pack for clothes?

You won’t need much.  Several pairs of shorts, lots of T-shirts or tank tops and a few bathing suits, of course.  For shoes, we recommend a soft white-soled boat shoe as not to scuff up the decks. A good pair of sandals are worth there weight in gold (we love Keens or good, old fashioned flip flops)!

What else should I pack?

The following are some items that are beneficial to bring along.  Try to buy these items at home as things in the Islands are more expensive (with the exception of Rum).

  • Camera
  • Hat
  • Waterproof bags
  • Snorkel gear is provided on the boat but if you have your own, we recommend you bring it along. The gear we supply is limited and not always the right size for your feet or face.

What should I NOT pack?

This is a matter of preference, but in my experience people tend to over pack.

Ladies, hair straighteners  typically go unused (think swimming and humidity). Blow dryers are also not very boating friendly. Feel the beachiness and let your hair go au-natural!  Also, have you ever tried walking on the beach or on a moving boat in high heels?  I don’t recommend it… flip flops are king here. Remember that one simple & lovely dress can be used as a beach cover-up and easily dressed up for a night out.

Men, take advantage of the opportunity to unplug and spend some quality time with your lady by leaving the laptop at home.  They’re a pain to lug around and usually go unused.  For emergency email checking, we have a netbook on the boat that is available for limited use.

Do I need a passport?

“The US Virgin Islands are part of the United States.  So, if you’re going directly from the US to St. Thomas, St. Croix or  St. John, you do not need a US passport. Check your itinerary carefully and confirm this with your airline, though, as you will need a passport if you have a layover in another Caribbean country.”

(taken from http://www.rushmypassport.com/blog/2010/01/do-you-need-a-passport-to-go-to-the-virgin-islands-2/)

Does it matter what kind of luggage I use?

As a matter of fact, it does.  Hard suit cases are not allowed on the boat so bring either a duffel bag or any collapsible bag that can be easily stored. We have hanging lockers and drawers for your items.

Where do I fly into?

You’ll want to fly into St. Thomas (STT: St Thomas Island, Virgin Islands – Cyril E King Airport).

What is included in the price?

Our Charters includes food – most meals (on ship only – dinners out on the islands are, of course, not included), beverages (limited alcohol), bedding, bath towels, fuel, Captain and Cook.  These packages do not include requests of exorbitant nature, moorings, marina docking costs or gratuity to crew. Suggested gratuity is 20% for Captain and crew.

What Meals are included aboard?

Food! Our favorite subject (besides rum). We provide all breakfasts aboard, most lunches (depends on where we are and what we’re doing), & 4 Dinners (the other 3 nights plan on dinning out locally).

What does “limited alcohol” mean?

RUM!!! We stock the boat with 2 bottles for the week, there are stores around locally if you want to pick anything else up for the week. We keep Fruit punch aboard for a mixer.

What will our itinerary look like?

Our itinerary all depends on 3 factors: 1. the weather 2. what you enjoy & 3. what’s happening locally. We usually plan the first few days of a trip a day or two before you arrive, based on the weather. Then as we travel around, & get a feel for what you’re enjoying, and also as we find out what’s “happening” locally (bands, events, etc.)… we give you muliple options as we go, so your trip is catered to you and your crew.

Where can I find a good deal on flights?

That is such a good question that we dedicated a whole blog post about it! Check it out HERE

How do I get to the boat?

There are always a line of taxi’s outside the airport just waiting to escort you to your destination. Since your trip is catered to you we will finalize all plans shortly before your trip so you know what to tell the taxi driver.

Will my Cellphone work?

First thing I will say is if you bring your mobil phone, bring your DC/Car charger, not your house charger, because we have the DC plugs aboard available for your use.

At&t wireless is here & works great most of the time. If your using At&t tho I highly recommend calling them before you get here and have them turn off your roaming. This is important because we are so close to the British Islands, you may pick up their service – and wowsa!!! It is EASY to wrack up a nasty bill back home if you do, so just make sure to turn off that Roaming! Verizon claims to be here but is in roaming, so you will be charged $2.00 a minuet and they have no data support. As for any other services I’m not sure.

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