Captain Jeff is a U.S. Coast Guard certified sailboat captain and his wife Kristi is an excellent chef and consummate hostess. They have lived aboard boats for years and would love to welcome you into their lifestyle for a private tour of the Caribbean. Captain Jeff and Kristi

Captain Jeff

Captain Jeff has been traveling to and sailing the US & British Virgin Islands for over 25 years.  You want to relax on your own private beach?  He knows where to find them! Feel like shopping?  He knows where the shops are!  You want to tear up a dance floor and perhaps hear some music?  He knows where the parties are!  Maybe you’d like to snorkel the most beautiful coral reef in the Caribbean?  He knows where to take you!  He is a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain, with over 35 years of sailing experience.  Aside from his boating knowledge, he is an excellent host, tour guide and bartender!  You’re sure to relax and have a few laughs when he is by your side!

First mate Kristi 

Kristi has been boating and enjoying the water her whole life. She has been Kristicooking since she was old enough to hold a wooden spoon, so you can expect to enjoy a variety of culinary delights from the galley.  Expect to have anything from traditional American fare to Italian, Asian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Caribbean, Raw Vegan, and Vegetarian….she can even prepare foods dairy and gluten-free if needed.  Just let her know your dietary & menu preferences before your trip and she’s sure to please!  Kristi is also a singer/musician who loves to entertain. Want to learn to knit? Bring a pair of #9 needles and a skein of Cascade 220 Yarn and she’ll teach you to knit & purl while you catch some rays.

Our Mascott!

This is Zoya! She is our miniature Yorkshire Terrier. She is a great boat dog weighing in at 6.5 pounds.  Her breed is recommended for allergy sufferers because they don’t shed and have low dander. Zoya is an important part of our crew, making sure to scare off any dock rats and keep the decks free of fallen food!  Feel free to tip her for a job well done (she loves chicken). But Beware: if you throw her toy once for fetch, she knows you are capable of it again. You’ve been warned 😉


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